No Kid Hungry

How No Kid Hungry partnered with GroundTruth to drive 129,000 visits to participating ‘Dine Out’ restaurants.
Dine Out for No Kid Hungry is a year-round, restaurant led campaign to raise funds to end childhood hunger in the U.S. For the month of September, No Kid Hungry partnered with GroundTruth to use its location targeting to drive potential customers into four participating restaurants: Habit Burger, Jack In The Box, On The Border, and Qdoba. Each restaurant designed a promotion to incentivize the customer to donate and receive a special offer for doing so.

Real-World Solutions

Location Targeting was used to reach those in close proximity to each restaurants’ locations. Mobile users were served an ad that displayed the promotion to encourage them to donate and dine at their restaurant.

Audience Targeting of individuals who visited a participating brand in the last 90 days was used to encourage loyalists to redeem the promotion.

Neighborhood Targeting was implemented to reach users in areas with a high visitation affinity to each restaurant—another tactic that allowed us to reach likely customers.

Real Business Results

The month-long campaign generated 129,000 visits to the four participating restaurants. Over $1 million was raised by the four restaurants, with GroundTruth’s campaign contributing to the program’s overall success.

The Location Audience strategy performed the best with a 0.31% CTR and a 3.56% Secondary Action Rate, which includes clicks for directions or more information. This strategy also generated over 100,000 visits.

Friday and Saturday were the days where the most visits were driven, which correlates with when users tend to eat out more.

By the Numbers
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raised by the four participating restaurants

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visitors driven