How location-based marketing amplified OneSight’s mission: Give glasses and change a life.
OneSight is an independent nonprofit who brings eye exams and glasses to the 1.1 billion people in the world who lack access to vision care. In partnership with their agency, Canvas Worldwide, GroundTruth donated a location-based ad campaign to help OneSight in their mission to raise awareness and drive donations for their cause.

Real-World Solutions

Location Targeting in proximity to eye exam clinics was used to engage consumers around a business or point of interest to impact immediate and future behaviors of nearby consumers.

Audience Targeting, powered by GroundTruth’s Blueprints mapping technology, was implemented to reach mobile users based on past visitation behavior to likeminded locations, such as Lenscrafters, Warby Parker, and Pearle Vision. GroundTruth also tapped into its Behavioral Audiences for targeting, which is built by combining visitation behaviors with demographic information.


Real Business Results

OneSight worked with several other partners for this branded campaign, however, GroundTruth was one of the top performers, according to Canvas Worldwide. Not only did GroundTruth perform in impression delivery, CTR (.30%), and conversion rate (.05%), we were also the leader in both conversions and clicks.

Location Audience Targeting performed 20% above GroundTruth’s benchmark. By reaching mobile users who visited eyewear stores in the past, we were able to spread awareness and increase engagement of OneSight’s message with the right audience.

Behavioral Audience Targeting was also successful with select audiences. For example, Baby Boomers were more likely to click through to learn more about OneSight. This audience also showed an affinity for fast food and wholesale/discount stores, which can be used for future campaigns. Regionally, we saw a higher performance with the ad units in the Southeast region of the country, specifically within Florida and Georgia.

By the numbers
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Above benchmark performance for Location Audience Targeting