How we used Proximity Targeting to reach people preparing for the holidays who were in the gift-giving mindset.
For Oxfam America, the holidays were the perfect time to boost charitable donations. As people shopped for holiday gifts, the idea went, they would be more likely to make a generous donation. So Oxfam America partnered with GroundTruth to help locate and target these donors when—and where—they were in the right frame of mind to donate.

Real-World Solutions

Location Targeting was used to pinpoint holiday shoppers who were already in the spirit—and habit—of purchasing gifts for loved ones. Oxfam and GroundTruth determined spending hot spots as shopping centers, malls, and grocery stores. They also used location targeting to reach consumers near Oxfam America’s out-of-home media placements and street canvassers to amplify messaging.

Audience Targeting allowed Oxfam America to showcase its charitable offerings to people with a history of donating to good causes.


Real Business Results

Overall, the campaign based on proximity drove an incremental store visitation lift of 6.2% to Timberland stores and stockists, with 20% of visits occurring within 24 hours of exposure.

Targeting audiences who had visited an outdoor activity location was an effective audience for Timberland, with the rich media engagement rate at 6.21%, which is 12% above the campaign average for rich media units.

Those exposed and engaged within close proximity to stores drove a 52% secondary action rate above benchmark.

By the numbers
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