Top 10 Reasons Agencies Are Using Location Marketing Partners

Read the top ten reasons why partnering with a location marketing company like GroundTruth can improve your agency’s ROI.

Digital marketing is all about collaboration. You collaborate with publishers, influencers, sometimes even other brands — and partnerships like these can be crucial to growing your clients’ business. But if you’re not working with a location partner, are you really doing enough?

We asked our experienced strategists who work closely with tier 1 and tier 2 agencies to share some of the top reasons why agencies choose to partner with location data companies.

Here are Top 10 reasons agencies are using location-data partners:


Understand customers in the real world

If you’re a retailer, finding and connecting with your existing customers while they’re out in the real world can help you draw them back to your stores. For shopper marketing programs, this kind of location targeting can give you a major competitive edge.

For example, using proprietary Blueprints technology, GroundTruth can tell you if those shoppers are within walking distance of your store or in a nearby competitor’s parking lot.


Encourage people who shop at specific retail stores to buy specific products

Let’s say you’re working on a campaign for a beauty brand. With the ability to target existing shoppers at retail locations like Target, you can serve customized ads for your client’s products and turn those shoppers from browsers into buyers. A location partner’s technology allows you to reach them at key moments, like when they’re about to enter the store and start shopping. This is where the importance of accurate targeting and high quality data comes into play. In order to ensure an actual return on ad impressions, the targeting needs to be specific and directed at the right audience.


Upsell current customers

Location targeting lets you dig deeper into your clients’ goals. If the objective is to encourage existing shoppers to buy more of a product, or more products from a specific brand, location-based marketing becomes critical to success. By enticing loyal customers to fill their baskets and carts, you can help grow your client’s bottom line in meaningful ways.

Location targeting in terms of ads can result in a higher annual spend. For example, in a study conducted by Numerator, shoppers who make an in-store visit after being shown a GroundTruth location-based mobile ad spend an annual average of 27% more than those that are not shown an ad.


Gain access to more data sources

Not every brand has a surplus of available data, but even if you’re working with a B2B client who may have a limited amount of customer data, you still need to help them reach their target audience. Where that audience spends their time provides a lot of important information about who they are and what they want, so leveraging location data can lead to more targeted campaigns. With concerns surrounding ongoing changes to data access across the industry, tested and trustworthy data continues to be a top priority for marketers.


Use a cost-per-visit model for tighter marketing budgets

Cost-per-visit is an invaluable pricing model, particularly for clients who may be working with a smaller, more focused marketing budget. To be more specific, clients only pay for visits with this model, not just impressions. With guaranteed visitation, you can help your clients stretch their marketing dollars and ensure an increase in foot traffic to their stores.


Guarantee performance & results

By that same token, guaranteed performance is a big incentive to work with a location partner. You know you’re going to get straightforward, actionable results, regardless of whether you’ve got a few ad dollars or a big marketing budget and the big expectations that come along with it.


Benefit from programmatic advertising

Location-derived visitation data is the most powerful indicator of intent. Agencies that leverage this audience data benefit from higher targeting accuracy, which leads to more effective campaign strategies and outcomes. Make sure your location partner fits seamlessly within your campaign framework, whether it’s via PMP or via programmatic audience data.


Get unique location-based service offerings

Be sure to work with a location partner that offers a suite of capabilities. Whether it’s the ability to provide visits based on first-party data, the QR codes that let you create digital and offline engagement opportunities, or the weather triggering technology that you can use to dynamically tailor your creative and messaging based on current weather conditions.


Use trusted data

If you’re going to work with a location partner, be sure that they’re verified by an external party’s accreditation. For example, the Media Rating Council (MRC) verifies data for Location, Place, and Visitation data sets. The MRC uses rigorous industry standards to test whether or not location partners are using qualified data.

GroundTruth is the only location adtech company to receive MRC accreditation because we combine our visitation data with other signals to create the purest form of marketing intent data for our advertisers.


Gain more confidence with deterministic data

A 1:1 attribution model goes hand in hand with that MRC accuracy. While many companies are predictive about their services, try to look for a deterministic approach. Brands, agencies, small businesses, and non-profits alike trust performance-driven solutions to help them reach consumers during moments of intent that generate important business outcomes.


When it comes to partnering with a location-based marketing company, you really don’t need to look anywhere else. For more information about trusted location data partnerships, contact us today.