What’s the Value of a Visit for Restaurants? (Part Four)

As we continue with this blog series, we will be diving deeper into another vertical from our Value of a Visit Report. For this one, we’ll change it up a bit and focus on diners to understand how and why they value eating out at Restaurants.

So, what is the value of a visit to Restaurants? Seems pretty simple. For restaurants, a visit to their establishment is almost a guaranteed sale, with an added bonus of a loyal customer if good service and convenience are provided.


There’s no doubt that people are dining out, and willing to spend the money to do so. With more and more options to choose from though, restaurants must differentiate themselves, and make meaningful connections with loyal customers, and potential new customers as well. Restaurants who couple location data analyses with targeted marketing campaigns will be in the best position to make an impact with both types of customers.

In Action:

Using location and visitation data, GroundTruth identified customers who were not observed in an Outback Steakhouse in the last 12 months but showed an intent to visit. As a result, they drove 260,000 new customers to Outback restaurants. GroundTruth data allowed the client to see if the people they advertised to actually went into an Outback Steakhouse and only charged for those who visited.


With GroundTruth’s Cost Per Visit model, it’s easy to drive offline visits and only pay when in-store visits occur. This allows brands to maximize the power of location to deliver right place, right time messaging and ultimately increase visits.

Methodology: In June 2018, GroundTruth surveyed 2030 consumers about their dining out experiences to understand their eating habits and preferences.