Geofencing Marketing Campaigns

Geofencing Marketing Campaigns

What are Geofencing Marketing Campaigns?

Geofencing Marketing Campaigns are methods of location-based advertising where consumers are targeted based on their location in real-time in relation to a defined radius (or Geofence) around a specific location. This is made possible by consumers opting into location-based services on their mobile phone.

Geofencing marketing campaigns can be used to attract users into a brick-and-mortar location based on variables defined by the advertiser, including distance from location, weather, online and offline behavior, time of day, and more. One method of conducting a geofencing marketing campaign (called “Geo-conquesting”) is to attract customers away from competitors as they get close to a competitor’s location.

While geofencing marketing campaigns can be a great strategy, it’s important to understand their limitations. For example, a geofence to determine whether a consumer is in a location may not be the most accurate use. In these instances, it is better to use polygons.

At GroundTruth we have taken Geofencing Advertising to the next level with our Blueprints Technology, which has 3 different polygon layers for each point of interest: in-store, on-lot, and retail block. This allows for precisely targeted geofencing marketing campaigns.

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