2024 Strategy Guide — Easter

Get seasonal insights to plan your multi-channel marketing strategy for Easter 2024. Read about shopping trends and how this should affect your marking strategy.

GroundTruth's media products target your customers based real world behaviors – such as past visitation, current location, or past purchases – so you can be confident that your campaigns will drive real business results.

If you're looking for effective ways to connect with egg-cited shoppers, brunch enthusiasts, and holiday celebrants in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, your search ends here. Fill your advertising basket with targeted, multi-channel strategies to engage with celebrants hopping into the holiday. This approach will not only enhance your brand visibility but also boost in-store visits and optimize your media investment.

In this guide, we’ll:

  • Analyze historical and projected Easter trends
  • Uncover key Easter audiences by location and behavior
  • Provide Easter targeting strategies and recommendations

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