3 Ways Location Data Can Benefit Publishers: Introducing Publisher Audience Insights

As a publisher of an app, you probably already know that location data can help you serve more contextually relevant ads to your users, and GroundTruth has long been in the business of working with publishers to monetize their location data. However, you might not be aware of the many other benefits quality location data can provide. With the launch of our new insights tool for publishers, we’re extending additional value to our publisher partners. In this piece, I’ll share 3 reasons why publishers should consider GroundTruth’s new Publisher Audience Insights platform to analyze location data for their app.

1. Location data gives you a clear picture of your users’ real-world habits

Location data allows you to gain insight into what brands your app users visit. At GroundTruth, we provide location data when users are using your app, as well as their activity across GroundTruth’s network. Our insights drill down into which places your users visit and how frequently your average user visits a brand, allowing you to encourage app engagement while users are inside a particular location.

We also use our comprehensive Audience segments to help you understand your users’ behavioral profiles based on the places they visit in the real world and tell you which Audience segments are most likely to use your app. For example, in the chart below, a music app may be surprised to find out that “Pharmacy Regulars” are a top audience for them. These insights can also reveal what behaviors are common among users who frequently use your app and in return, can help inform your marketing messaging and targeting to the right audience.

In addition to understanding who your top users are, you can also align audience groups with frequency of app usage to understand which types of users are more loyal vs. more casual. In the below chart, most audiences login to the app an average of 8-10 times/month, but Gen Z looks to be twice as loyal with an average of 16 logins per month.

2. Location insights can help you drive app usage and engagement

GroundTruth can help you break down location and behavioral profiles for app users based on their overall level of engagement with the app. Our insights can reveal monthly trends, including what portion of app users are visiting brands while using your app and how often the bulk of your users access your app monthly. This information will help you decide which app enhancements you may want to develop to increase engagement among a particular audience within the app.

Location data can also help you breakdown location and behavioral profiles based on geographic distribution of app usage. The ability to understand where your app has the highest number of users by state can guide your marketing to increase users in low performing states and increase engagement in states with more users. You can also drill into each state and see how behavioral profiles differ by state, which can help you focus your efforts to improve engagement in different markets.

3. Location data can help monetize your mobile properties

GroundTruth has a long history of working with publishers and analyzing complex location data to understand what brands and locations your users engage with and build audience profiles about your users. Partly through working with publishers and app partners, we’ve built a repository of over 140 million monthly active users globally and 2.5 billion monthly visits, and have created unique audience segments about these users. We also have a database of over 5 million precisely mapped places, which we call Blueprints. GroundTruth successfully uses audience segments built off of visitation to Blueprints to reach unique users.  

Finally, by working with GroundTruth and incorporating location data into your app, you’ll be able to learn more about your app users and the places they visit. In turn, this will help you better identify the top brands to promote on your app by understanding the places your users visit.

As our partner, you’ll learn more about your users’ preferences and brand affinity, so you can better tailor ad content to match their interests. Additionally, as a benefit, we’re now extending this data back to all of our publisher partners through our recently launched Publisher Insights Platform.

Interested in learning more or want to get in touch? Email me at Ted.Babitz@groundtruth.com.