5 Key Digital Trends from Our State of the Market Report

With the mobile industry evolving at rapid speed, stay current with our new State of the Market report – available for download today! In the report, we highlight several trends in the digital landscape and shed new light on how consumers are using their mobile devices today. 

  • As worldwide smartphone ownership continues to grow, advertising dollars are shifting quickly to mobile. In 2016, global mobile ad spend will surpass $100B with more and more brands focused on reaching consumers through location-targeted ads.
  • Of all the various media devices available, consumers are paying the most attention to their smartphones. The most successful way of reaching consumers is through their smartphones, where their attention is focused most, even when it comes to advertising.
  • As daily mobile usage increases, consumers are utilizing apps for their every day activities. Consumers have discovered the benefits of location-aware apps that provide relevant, real-time and easy access to the information, products, and services they want.
  • Mobile is a necessary part of commerce, especially in-store to aid in a purchase decision. Marketers can take advantage of this opportunity to reach and engage with consumers moments before making a purchase by targeting them with the content they want.
  • Shoppers are willing to give up more personal information for a benefit, such as time or money saved. It is a huge advantage for marketers to use location information to have a view of where a consumer is or has been.  This provides them a very robust view of who their consumers are, their trends, and what products and messages they are most receptive to.