5 Reasons Why Mobile Advertising is Important

There’s no doubt about it: mobile is critical to marketing campaigns.

Our recent 2019 State of the market: Industry trends report shows that more than 225 million American consumers, and 94% of all Millennials, now own a smartphone. Given the importance of mobile devices in consumers’ lives, it’s no wonder marketers consider mobile advertising so vital to their marketing strategies.

But mobile penetration isn’t the only reason to incorporate it into your campaigns. Let’s take a look at other benefits of mobile advertising, and what makes mobile marketing a must for your brand.

Time Spent with Mobile is Increasing

The benefits of mobile advertising are plenty, starting with its ability to connect your brand with potential customers. Time spent with mobile is on the rise; it now accounts for 71% of consumers’ total digital time.

Not only are US adults spending more time with their smartphones, but they’re also spending less time with traditional forms of media. According to eMarketer, consumers devote more time to mobile than they do to TV — 3 hours and 43 min, compared with 3 hours and 35 min with TV. If you’re not taking advantage of this time, you’re missing key opportunities to reach your customers.

Mobile Advertising is the Primary Mode of Digital Advertising

In recent years, mobile ads have become the primary form of digital advertising for countless brands. eMarketer’s data shows that mobile ad spend will surpass 93 million dollars in 2019.

By the year 2022, it will represent almost 50% of marketers’ total ad spend. As of 2018, mobile is already the largest category for ad spending, topping TV, desktop advertising, print, radio, out-of-home (OOH) advertising, and directories.

Mobile Ads are Extremely Cost Effective

Cost always factors into advertising decisions as marketers determine how and where to allocate their budgets, and this is another area in which mobile excels.

With CPV (Cost per Visit) advertising, a groundbreaking advertising solution that removes the guesswork inherent to traditional media buying, you can pay only when a mobile ad impression results in an in-store visit. That makes mobile a cost-effective way to drive customers to your stores.

Mobile Advertising Gives You the Best Understanding of Customers

Now more than ever, consumers expect personalization from brands, and there’s no better way to gauge who they are and what they want than by analyzing their interests in the offline world.

There’s no guarantee that a consumer’s online searches convey the truth about their wants and needs; they might peruse Gucci bags online yet shop at Marshall’s in real life. But marketers can benefit from mobile advertising by using location data to get a better understanding of their target customers, and apply that knowledge to create more relevant mobile ads.

Mobile Ads Deliver Relevant Messages in Real-Time

If it’s a holistic marketing strategy you’re looking for, mobile ads can help with that, too.  These allow you to bridge online and offline behavior by producing accurate location information that results in high quality data and more effective real-time messaging.

Accurate store visits enable you to build more customized audiences, which ensures you’ll reach shoppers when they’re active and engaged. The more accurate the location data, the better your ability to deliver offers and deals to customers when it matters most.

Understanding why mobile advertising is important is only the first step in embracing this strategy. Feel free to contact us and a rep will help answer your questions and get you started.