How Athleta kept brand awareness and in-store visits active during the holidays.
Athleta’s fitness and wellness-minded customers push themselves to the limits on a regular basis, and during the holiday season, the activewear brand challenged itself to increase brand awareness and sentiment among their audience. Using GroundTruth’s location solutions, Athleta was not only able to accomplish their goal but drive new visits in-store.

Real-World Solutions

Cost Per Visit, a performance buying model based on in-store visits, allowed Athleta to drive awareness and over 1,500 observed visits nationwide in a short two-week window during the congested holiday time frame. All of Athleta’s visits came from new customers*, thus allowing the brand to expand its already thriving customer base.

Neighborhoods Targeting, which identifies hyper-local areas of consumers who are more likely to be Athleta customers, allowed Athleta to boost visitation rates. Among these locations, the highest performing markets included neighborhoods around Atlanta, Baltimore, and New York.

*Estimated new customers


Real Business Results

The holiday campaign drove more than 1,500 visits from new customers* to all Athleta locations, 100% of which came from non-loyalist customers. Observed visits were calculated based on devices that could be detected within an Athleta store, rather than on projections.

Neighborhoods Targeting was responsible for driving 59% of customers, thus allowing GroundTruth to identify consumers with a higher affinity for the Athleta brand. Neighborhoods Targeting was the most efficient driver of visits, generating a 3:1 ROAS**.

39% of customers who were exposed to an Athleta campaign ad were observed in an Athleta store within three days—a crucial timeline given the short holiday shopping season.

*Estimated new customers

**ROAS is based on estimates

By the numbers

Store visits driven