Curry’s PC World

How Curry's PC World used location technology to drive 12.4% incremental store visits among its omnichannel shoppers.
Curry’s PC World, the UK’s largest electrical retailer, is at the forefront of bringing the latest technology into homes. With innovative digital technology running through their core, they wanted to see what mobile location data could do for their omnichannel marketing efforts to drive people into stores and deliver measurable results.

Real-World Solutions

Audience targeting of high-income homeowners and new or first-time buyers was used to identify those in the market for premium electrical appliances and home goods. Using location technology and data insights we built audiences based on historical shopping behaviours and loyalty, and looked at consumers visiting price comparison and mortgage calculator sites.

Location targeting was used to uncover and engage with consumers in close proximity to key stores.

High-impact interstitials and banners of key products were used, along with mapping and directions, to make it convenient for people to find stores.

Our Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM) attribution was used to validate the impact of the digital activity on in-store action and allowed us to deliver results attributed to offline visits.


Real Business Results

Blue 449 were the first advertisers in the UK to integrate the DCM ad server with GroundTruth’s unique reporting tool, allowing them to obtain real-time updates of store visits. With this, they were able to analyse specific visits into their stores and could accurately track Return On Ad Spend.

Utilising this innovative technology with a location-based campaign strategy not only allowed Curry’s PC World to match and verify the audiences built and exposed to the mobile ad with store visits, it also enabled them to engage, influence, and drive the most contextually relevant audiences into store to achieve an uplift in footfall of 12.4%.

Overall, the campaign allowed us to shed a completely new light on the role that digital display can play in driving an offline response.

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