AMBER Alerts

How GroundTruth helps deliver life-saving messagings in times of need.
GroundTruth is a proud partner of The Federation of Internet Alerts (FIA), leveraging our patented location technology to connect people with relevant emergency communications during severe weather or AMBER Alerts. The goal of the partnership is to improve the awareness and notification process of these alerts, as well as expedite the recovery of abducted children.

Real-World Solutions

When a child is abducted or severe weather occurs, every second and every eyeball counts. That’s why location-based mobile alerts have become an essential element of this program’s success.

Location Targeting allows FIA to precisely serve weather alerts or AMBER Alerts in target areas determined by law enforcement. For AMBER Alerts, this means serving ads immediately near surrounding abduction sites and “last seen” locales.


Real Business Results

Together, we’ve helped FIA achieve a 98% abduction to recovery rate, leading to over 800 successful recoveries.

We’ve reached nearly 650,000 unique mobile users in local communities needing assistance.

We’ve seen click-thru rates averaging 2160% greater than the mobile industry average.

By the numbers
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Abduction to recovery rate

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