GroundTruth Insights Spotlight: Summer Retail Trends Reveal New Shopping Patterns Among Consumers

As vacations and family outings begin to wind down, we look back at how the retail industry fared during this past summer and the impact conservative spending is having on in-store visitation. In this latest Insights Spotlight, we analyze visits to more than 250 top retail brands from June to July 2022 to uncover shifts in buying habits that are likely to continue impacting marketing decisions for the rest of 2022.

Important retail insights from this past summer for retail marketers:

  • Top trending retail brands from Party City to Lululemon
  • Retail foot traffic trends by retail category
  • Average time spent in retail stores between May and July
  • Audience spotlight on discount and luxury shoppers brand preferences and points of interest

GroundTruth Retail Insights Spotlight

Our Insight Team’s findings showcase how location insights help predict valuable customer trends, inform strategic business decisions, and provide insights into brand reach and growth opportunities. For more foot traffic stats and consumer trends, check out our latest Lean: Insights Reports to uplevel your marketing and branding strategies.

Nicole Genchur
Director of Marketing Research & Insights, GroundTruth

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