How L’Occitane used proximity targeting to capture the magic of golden hour.
To support L’Occitane’s new “Terre de Lumière” fragrance, GroundTruth implemented a location targeting strategy that would help the beauty brand light up the U.K. high street.

Real-World Solutions

Audience Targeting was used to capture people in the right mindset and drive visits. L’Occitane split their audience into three groups:
– Group A – Audiences who were in close proximity to London stores
– Group B – Targeting people who were in close proximity to U.K. stores (ex. London) with higher average footfall
– Group C – the control group; made up of stores with smaller footfall.

Locating Targeting allowed L’Occitane to reach those people in close proximity to specific stores. In total, 43 stores were targeted throughout the U.K., out of an estate of 77.

Dynamic Ad Creative, including high-impact interstitial and banner media units, were used to engage with their gift buying audiences. The ads conveyed the romanticism and nature of the Provençal golden hour message as the perfect gift for any occasion. Users within close proximity received a “dynamic distance” ad layer, which displayed the distance and direction of stores within the mobile creative. A landing page then popped up with a clear ‘Shop Now’ call to action.


Real Business Results

Stores using proximity-based Location Targeting saw a sales uplift of 10%, and a footfall uplift of 8% over the period of the campaign.

Consumer engagement from those who had been close to store saw a secondary action rate 190% over the benchmark, with 75% choosing the “Shop Now” button.

42% of recorded store visitations were carried out within 72 hours of ad exposure, indicating consumers are more likely to visit when exposure is recent.

By the numbers
0 %

Lift in store visitation to timberland stores

0 %

Footfall uplift

0 %

Over secondary action rate benchmark

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