Learn how PureDriven leaned into location-based marketing to strategically drive in-store visits.
PureDriven, a digital service agency focused on local franchise marketing, began a partnership with GroundTruth to help clients focused on increasing brand awareness to influence and measure their media impact on in-store foot traffic. One client in particular, Plato’s Closet—a trendy, teen clothing retail resale brand—leveraged location-based advertising to reach high-intenders and drive major visits during the busy back-to-school season ramp up.

Real-World Solutions

Audience Targeting drove 82% of the generated in-store visits, largely by reaching consumers who had visited competitor locations in the past or had visited identified points of interest that would indicate a potential customer.

Neighborhood Targeting, a proprietary GroundTruth targeting method that reaches users based on areas of high visitation affinity with a brand’s store or audience type, drove brand awareness within key areas where visitors of competitors and store loyalists are frequently found.


Real Business Results

PureDriven aimed to drive brand awareness and foot-traffic for their client, Plato’s Closet. In the month-long campaign, they successfully drove 276 unique store visits across five stores located in the same Midwest metro-area, with foot traffic ranging from 10-75 visits per store.

The majority of visits occurred within three days to one week of being served an ad, showcasing the influence of these ads in driving visitation.

In terms of building brand awareness, strong engagement markers such as clicks within the landing page to get more information, directions or call the store, indicate the power that data-based relevancy can have on consumer behavior.

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