Shopper Trends: Summer Season Sizzle

Hosted by Will Marenberg, Rachel Nobles & Ben Silverstein

Shopper Trends: Summer Season Sizzle

Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A new season means a fresh start for consumers and brands alike. As the summer months roll in, the demand shifts from snow shovels and soups to cookout gear and poolside staples. Although summer holidays may look different in 2021, we explored the rise of “staycations”, and road trips as people explore the great outdoors in warmer weather, and the overall influence summer has on consumer behaviors and product demand.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what summer 2021 will look like, digital-first solutions can give brands and marketers ample time to rollout campaigns and drive results with shorter lead times.

Learn how to maximize your marketing dollars with location and insight-based strategies from GroundTruth experts.


  • Summer holidays and activities that can serve as micro moments for your brands with a specific focus on winning strategies for:

    • CPG/Shopper Marketing
    • Real Estate
    • Pop-Up Events
    • Staycations
    • Road Trips & Summer Travel
  • Key strategies to reach your target audience in the right moments and with precision.
  • Recommendations for how to make your media work more effectively during this season.

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Ben Silverstein
Partner Development Manager