Silver Lining for Retailers: What Retail & Consumer Trends Signal for 2023

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While retail sales are not expected to grow at the same rate as last year, they are still forecasted to increase 2.9% YoY. For many retailers, 2023 is a year of growth and transformation whether that means an increase to their physical footprint with new store openings, creating smaller or experiential store experiences, or finding innovative solutions to reach more shoppers and drive them in-store, whether that be in brick-and-mortars, online, through their App, and more.

From audience targeting to unique media optimization models like Cost Per Visit, GroundTruth can help retailers leverage real-world behaviors to drive real business results by reaching key audiences, in the right moments, with measurable and attributable results including visits and more.

We are joined by the Chief Marketing Officer of one of the most innovative menswear brands on the market, Bethany Muths of Mizzen+Main. In this fireside chat, Bethany provided an inside into what is propelling the brand forward in today’s challenging and complicated consumer market.

GroundTruth’s Director of Research & Insights, Nicole Genchur, set the stage and walked through recent real-world behavioral trends and discussed how these insights can be translated into marketing opportunities for retailers, big and small.

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