Warrior Sports

How Warrior Sports optimized their media strategy to score more store visits.
Warrior Sports used GroundTruth’s Ads Manager platform to tap into location data and insights with the goal of increasing foot traffic to retailers that carry their products. A month-long visit optimization test helped the brand to identify a new winning strategy to bring customers to specific sports retailer locations nationwide, ultimately increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

Real-World Solutions

Visit Optimization is a new tool within GroundTruth’s platform that automatically differentiates bids for each impression in order to optimize toward driving physical visits. Warrior Sports tested this method on a month-long campaign that was centered around visits as their main KPI, allowing the brand to shift media spend toward tactics that were most effectively increasing foot traffic to specific retailers.

Behavioral Audience Targeting proved to be an effective tactic at driving visits, targeting specific audience profiles based on their visitation behavior and demographic information. For example, Fitness Enthusiasts—users who frequently visit health and fitness-related locations—drove 77% of total store visits throughout the campaign. Millennial Parents showed strong engagement with the brand ad’s hitting an average click-through rate of 0.28%.

Location-Based Audience Targeting contributed to the strong performance of this campaign by targeting customers who had visited competitor retail locations in the past 90 days. Targeting one competitive retailer specifically led to a 3.07% visitation rate from that audience to the desired retail locations to which Warrior Sports wanted to drive customers.


Real Business Results

By shifting their optimization tactic from delivery to visits from one month to the other, Warrior Sports drove 33% more visits to a specific retail locations where their products are sold.

In terms of timeliness, 23% of store visits occurred within a week after the customer was served an ad for the lacrosse equipment brand.

Through this month-long test focused on driving visits, Warrior Sports was able to not only understand which tactics were driving more store visits in real-time, but could rest assured that their campaign would continually and automatically optimize toward the best performing tactics. With essentially the click of a button, Warrior Sports was able to make major strides and can now leverage their learnings to continually and efficiently reach their key audience.

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