How Goodwill gathered audience insights and spiked nationwide donations.
Goodwill knew that in order to inspire donations around the country, it would have to raise brand awareness on a local level. The nation-wide nonprofit looked to GroundTruth’s location technology to identify and engage with groups of people who were likely to donate. Together, Goodwill honed in on the demographics—by location—with the highest affinity for Goodwill donations, dramatically increasing donation center visits across the country.

Real-World Solutions

Location Targeting was used to engage with consumers near Goodwill stores and donations centers nationwide.

Audience Targeting was applied to better identify and target the mobile activities and locations of user groups interested in the campaign. Goodwill and GroundTruth determined that Hispanic users were most likely to donate at Goodwill centers nationwide and hence were more likely to engage with the campaign.


Real Business Results

Preliminary data revealed Hispanic individuals were 60% more likely to visit Goodwill. The nonprofit used these insights to serve more targeted ads to this specific demographic.

Audience Targeting and Dynamic Fencing technology directly inspired 13,600 additional donation center visits around the country—a 43% lift in Goodwill activity.

By the numbers
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Stores drove a 52% secondary action rate above benchmark

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Lift in store visitation to timberland stores

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