PetSmart Charities

How PetSmart Charities is using location technology to help animals find their forever home
In 2018, GroundTruth teamed up with PetSmart Charities to drive mobile users and potential adopters in-store. Leveraging the power of its location-based technology, GroundTruth supported PetSmart’s popular National Pet Adoption Weekends, as well as promoted kitten and cat adoptions over the spring and summer. With over 110,000 visits driven by GroundTruth thus far, the collaboration was a win-win situation for both companies, and most importantly, animals in need of a forever home.

Real-World Solutions

Location Targeting around PetSmart locations was used to drive 110,000 potential adopters in-store. Campaigns were deployed before and during the quarterly National Pet Adoption weekends, as well as throughout the spring and summer during kitten season.

Audience Targeting was used to connect with PetSmart’s most valued customers. GroundTruth adjusted their targeting with each campaign, tailoring tactics to reach the most likely pet adopters. GroundTruth created a Custom


Real Business Results

GroundTruth drove over 110,000 visits to PetSmart locations this year.

Adoptions for the year are currently up 12% compared to last year. Cat adoptions are also up 12% YoY.  

The top five states with the most adoptions also aligned with GroundTruth’s top five states with the most visits driven. For the February campaign, Texas saw the highest correlation, with 3,029 adoptions recorded and 2,241 visits driven by GroundTruth.

Adding a Charitable audience in the May National Adoption Weekend also accounted for 73% of visits that month.

The seasonal kitten and cat initiative drew over 65,000 visits in-store, with a Secondary Action Rate (SAR) of 3.30%. This rate measures the number of times a user clicked the ad for directions or to call a store.

By the numbers

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