What’s the Value of a Store Visit for Clothing & Footwear Retailers? (Part 3)

As we continue with this blog series, we will be diving deeper into another vertical from our Value of a Visit Report. For this one, we’ll focus on stores or brands that sell clothing and footwear.

So, what is the value of a visit for Clothing and Footwear retailers? In short, brick-and-mortar stores allow customers to see, touch, and feel products almost instantaneously. If you’re a retailer where it benefits your customer to engage with your product before he/she buys, a visit can increase your chances for a sale.


It used to be that online shopping was synonymous with convenience, but for all of its advantages consumers are realizing e-commerce still leaves something to be desired. Physical stores will always be the fastest way to satisfy a shopping urge, especially for clothing and footwear purchases. When the moment arrives where a customer has the intent to shop, your clothing and/or footwear brand needs to be at the forefront of a shopper’s mind.

In Action:

Activewear brand, Athleta, ran a location-based holiday campaign with GroundTruth to raise awareness and drive visits in-store during a congested shopping time frame. By identifying consumers with a higher affinity for the Athleta brand, GroundTruth was able to drive 1,500 visits, all of which were new customers. This activation allowed the brand to expand its already thriving customer base and drive them in-store to convert.


GroundTruth’s Neighborhood Targeting represents areas which show high affinity to visitors of a brand’s store or to an audience segment. Neighborhoods enable marketers to garner substantial insight into their consumers and can also be leveraged as a targeting tactic to engage existing and new consumers.

Methodology: In June 2018, GroundTruth surveyed over 1300 consumers who have purchased Clothing/Apparel or Footwear products in the past 90 days to understand their shopping habits and preferences.