Stepping into the New Normal: Uncover and Understand Consumer Sentiment based on Visitation Trends

As the global economy embarks on the road to recovery, GroundTruth's Foot Traffic Dashboard can help spread some light on patterns and behaviors emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stepping into the New Normal: Uncover & Understand Consumer Sentiment based on Visitation Trends

As the global economy embarks on the road to recovery, questions loom large as to what people will be doing and how they will be spending their time once they can leave their homes and go to more public spaces. Many of us have been asking ourselves, how will we spend our time once the quarantine is lifted? It’s difficult to know what to expect, so observing patterns and behaviors as they emerge will be vital to making business decisions in the near future.

GroundTruth has built a customizable dashboard that highlights various movement trends to public spaces and businesses all over the United States.   

While this dashboard can serve a variety of purposes, we wanted to share a few suggested applications with some guidance to help unlock the potential for the data shared on the dashboard. 

Observing New  Behaviors

The prime, and most broad, use for the dashboard is to encourage visibility into overall behavior as the country begins to open back up. If a specific region or state decides to start opening doors again, there is transparency into how quickly, or gradually, people begin to move back into more normalized levels of foot traffic. Additionally, it gives an opportunity to see traffic broken out by various categories of interest, from beaches to restaurants. 

Observing New  Behaviors

What’s Ahead for Industry

The tracker is an opportunity for marketers to stay on the pulse of where people are going as the country gets back to business. Curating your search to view specific verticals of business will give an overview of patterns or shifts in behavior as retailers, restaurants, and other types of business open back up. From advertisers to brands, this can give a real-time view of movement trends and highlight opportunities to maximize reopening.

What’s Ahead for Industry

Hyper Localization for SMBs

For SMBs, access to localized data as granular as the zip code level can help them base their marketing strategies on accurate and reliable data. As communities depend on different types of tourism and businesses to thrive, it is important to have an overview of where people are gravitating as the public reaches increased comfort levels for travel. Understanding not only what is motivating consumers to resume “normal” behavior, but when those behavioral shifts begin to happen, could be key to their success.

Hyper Localization for SMBs

Common FAQ

How often is the data updated? 

Data is updated on a daily basis but on a five-day delay, so the most updated day will be 5 days prior to the current date.

Where does this data come from?

This data is derived from the 30 billion annual global visits GroundTruth observes on its platform.

What does “Indexed Daily Foot Traffic” mean?

We use indexed foot traffic to demonstrate the relative increase or decrease in visits to different places of interest. Daily foot traffic from before COVID-19 impact is indexed against average daily visits from December 30th, 2019 to March 8th 2020. Daily foot traffic from after COVID-19 impact is indexed against average daily visits starting from March 9th 2020 to current.

Can I see foot traffic to my specific brand/business?

Yes, if you are interested in seeing a custom analysis, please reach out to your GroundTruth rep or email us directly at