What’s the Value of a Visit for Auto Dealers? (Part Five)

We’ve made it to the end of our Value of a Visit blog series after several vertical deep dives, ranging from Consumer Electronics, CPG, Clothing & Footwear to Restaurants. We conclude this series by diving into one final vertical: Auto.

So, what is the value of a visit for auto dealers? For auto dealerships, a visitor on their lot usually has one thing in mind: an intent to purchase or lease a vehicle. There’s really no other reason to visit a dealership, unless they have a hobby of test driving! The real question is, how much knowledge do visitors have about which make and model they ultimately want to purchase? GroundTruth data suggests the majority of shoppers only visit 1 dealership before making a purchase, so the intent and knowledge of what to buy is higher than you may think!


Once an intending auto buyer visits a lot there is a good chance they are at least settled on purchasing from your brand. What really makes all the difference for brand reputation is the customer service of the sales reps on lot. Since brands have control over how their employees treat customers (including how pushy they are), the biggest focus for auto brands should be to drive the most customers on lot in order to have those meaningful interactions.

In Action:

Toyota partnered with GroundTruth to drive customers onto dealership lots by targeting audiences that were most likely to visit Toyota. The campaign saw the most success with targeting customers who fell into audience groups including those In-Market for Auto, Park Lovers, and Car Renters. The campaign drove over 1,200 visits to specified dealerships.


GroundTruth’s Location Audiences product enables marketers to target consumers based on past shopping behaviors. Inspire and convert high-intent shoppers by making sure your auto brand connects with likely customers, increasing ad efficiency, and boosting brand engagement.

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Methodology: In June 2018, GroundTruth surveyed 1045 consumers who have purchased a vehicle in the last 5 years to understand their purchase behaviors.